EzSplitters Sponsorship Program

Applicants who don't meet the requirements below will not be considered. NO EXCEPTION!


•Must have 2,000+ followers on instagram (Real followers! Not bots)
• Must take high quality pictures
• Must tag us on every post
• Must let us use pictures for promotional purposes
• Must post car often on instagram
• Must have good instagram engagement

•Why are these the requirements?

We're looking for dedicated people who are into the car scene and who can bring exposure to us. The only way we can know if exposure will be brought in is by your Instagram page. Instagram page shows us how often you go to car shows, how your engagement is, how often you post your car, etc...

•If I apply, do I automatically get a sponsorship?

No. Just because you apply & meet all the requirement doesn't mean you'll get sponsored. There's other factors that may contribute.

•When will you let me know if I get accepted?

We will let you know within a week. Please check your spam folder as there are times our emails go to spam

•How do I apply?

Apply by completing the form below. When submitting the form, please wait a minute for it to go through. Once completed, the page will refresh & you'll receive an email confirmation.

Only apply if you meet the requirements!

Fill out sponsorship form