Honeycomb Front Splitter (select your car)


Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Is this real honeycomb carbon fiber? 

    • Yes, the front splitter will be made from real honeycomb carbon fiber.

  • Does the splitter come clear coated already? 

    • Yes it does

  • Is hardware and splitter rods included? 

    • Yes

  • How will I know what the splitter design will look like? 

    • Search for the splitter that you’re interested in on our website. That way you can see how the splitter design would look on your car. The design that you see will be the same design that you will receive. However, yours will be made from real Honeycomb if you place the order through this page

  • You offer the splitter that I’m looking for but it’s not listed in the Honeycomb drop down, can you make it in Honeycomb?

    • The answer is yes. Please email us with the link of the splitter that you would us to make in honeycomb.

  • You don’t make my splitter at all. Would it be possible for you to make a front splitter in honeycomb?

    • It depends on what car you have. Please email us and let us know the make, model, and year of your car.

Select your front splitter

Dodge Charger GT Front Splitter 19-20, Ford Mustang 15-17 Front Splitter, Ford Fusion Front Splitter 17-18, Honda Civic Hatchback , Si Coupe , Si Sedan 17+ Front Splitter, Honda Accord 18-20 Front Splitter, Hyundai Genesis Coupe 13+ Front Splitter, Hyundai Genesis Coupe 09-12 Front Splitter, Hyundai Genesis Coupe Front Splitter (fits M&S lip only), Hyundai Sonata Front Splitter 15-17, Hyundai Sonata Front Splitter 18-19, Hyundai Tiburon 05-06 Front Splitter, Infiniti G35 Coupe Front Splitter for Stock / Nismo Bumper, Infiniti G35 Coupe Kuruma Z Front Splitter, Infiniti G35 Coupe GT3 Front Splitter, Infiniti G35 Sedan Front Splitter for Nismo bumper, Infiniti G35 Sedan 07-08 Front Splitter, Infiniti G37 Coupe Front Splitter for IPL Bumper 08-16, Infiniti G37 Coupe Sports Bumper Front Splitter 08-10, Infiniti G37 Coupe front splitter 11-13, Infiniti G37 Coupe Sports Bumper Front Splitter 11-13, Infiniti G37 Sedan Sports "Sports Lip" Front Splitter, Infiniti G37 Sedan 08-09 Front Splitter, Infiniti G37 Sedan Front Splitter 10-13, Infiniti Q60 17-22 Front Splitter, Infiniti Q50 Sports Bumper Front Splitter 14-17, Infiniti Q50 Front Splitter 18-19, Infiniti Q40 Sedan Front Splitter 15, Infiniti G25 Sedan Front Splitter 11-12, Kia Optima Front Splitter 11-13, Mitsubishi Evo X Front Splitter 07-14, Nissan 370z Nismo Front Splitter 15+, Nissan 370z 09+ Front Splitter, Nissan Maxima 16-18 Front Splitter, Scion FRS 13-16 Front Splitter, Subaru BRZ 13-16 Front Splitter, Subaru WRX/STI Front Splitter 15-20, Toyota Camry Front Splitter 15-17, Toyota Camry Front Splitter 18-20, Toyota Corolla Hatchback 19 -21 Front Splitter, Toyota Corolla SE Front Splitter 20-21


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