Common Questions we get asked.

If the answer to your question is not here, send us a message and we will answer it. 

Question Will your side splitters fit my car?

Yes they will. We will make the side splitters to the exact length as your car side skirts so that they can fit perfectly from side to side.  Below are all the side splitter styles that we offer. 

Black side splitters:   

Carbon fiber side splitters:   

Honeycomb side splitters:   

Forged side splitters:

Question I dont see a front splitter for my car, can you make one?

Yes we can. If we do not offer a front splitter for your car simply send us an email. Include the make, model, and year of your car. We will go from there. 

Question Will the front splitter include the front bumper?

No it will not. We do not sell bumpers. 

Question When will my order be shipped?

Please refer to our shipping policy for current production and shipping estimates. If you have any other questions, please email us to

Question Can you make anything into Carbon Fiber?

Yes, we can turn any part into Carbon Fiber. This includes interior and exterior pieces such as Fenders, Hoods, armrest, gas lids, etc... For example, if you currently have a set of fenders & want them in Carbon Fiber, we can do that. However, at the moment we're not making custom made carbon fiber pieces (ex: a new hood design, or a new custom interior piece).