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Infiniti G37 Coupe Carbon Fiber / Honeycomb Armrest


The armrest is made from real carbon fiber / honeycomb. This is not a wrap, nor is it hydrodipped. It is real carbon fiber / honeycomb. Read full description below

Be different, be unique by having a carbon fiber or Honeycomb armrest. This is a full replacement with real Carbon Fiber / Honeycomb.


  1. You will receive a Full armrest replacement made with real Carbon Fiber / Honeycomb
    • Made with real honeycomb / carbon fiber 3k 2×2 weave.
    • This is not a 3M overlay, a wrap, nor is it hydro dipped. This is the real deal.
  2. Our Carbon Fiber / Honeycomb armrest comes clear coated
  3. You do not need to send in your armrest. By purchasing this product, you will receive an armrest in carbon fiber / honeycomb.
  4. OEM fitment guaranteed as we use the OEM part.




Carbon Fiber, Honeycomb


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