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EzSplitters Side Splitters Set

(106 customer reviews)


  • These side splitters will fit all cars.
  • We will make the side splitters to the exact length of your car side skirts so that they can fit perfectly from side to side. (See full description below)
  • Quantity of 1 means that you will receive the pair, the left & the right side
  • If you want winglets, please select “Winglet” under “Style”  and select your preference. If  “Winglet” option doesn’t appear, please make sure that “Chose an option” is chosen under “Style” and “Winglet Style”

Full Description Below

Free for a limited time only. Normally it's an additional $15 for colored splitters besides black.
Free for a limited time only. Normally it's an additional $8 for colored edge strip besides the black color.
Leave the make, model, year and the side skirts length of your car. If you don't know the length, don't worry. We will email you to confirm.

High quality side splitters made out of Aluminum Composite for all cars!


  • Designed to fit all cars as long as the bottom of the side skirts are flat
  • We will make the side splitters to the exact length of your side skirts so that the side splitters can fit perfectly from side to side.
    •  You can get the length by measuring your side skirts from side to side. Make sure to do this in inches. If you don’t include the length when placing the order, don’t worry! We will send you an email to confirm.
  • Made in USA
  • Comes in pairs ( left & right)
  • We recommend using self tapping screws for installation.

Straight, Flared, Two Sided, Winglet

Winglet Style

Small "2 inches tall" (winglets welded), Big "4 inches tall" (winglets welded), No Winglet

106 reviews for EzSplitters Side Splitters Set

Based on 106 reviews
  1. Matthew M. (Verified Customer)

    Fit perfect and quality of package was great

  2. Wendy M. (Verified Customer)

    Love my splitters! Amazing company with quality products. Very responsive and helpful

  3. Daniela A. (Verified Customer)

    I was happy I was able to get my boyfriend the splitters he’s been wanting just in time for Valentine’s Day! I received it super fast and was easy to email you guys for sizing. As a girl who does not know how to order anything for cars you guys most definitely made it easy! Thank you I know he’ll love it

  4. Mauricio (Verified Customer)

    Quality material, they look very good

  5. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    looks great on my car

  6. Steven Pellot (Verified Customer)

    Simply PERFECT. Really makes the car stand out

    Image #1 from Steven Pellot
  7. Deandre Columbus (Verified Customer)

    It way better in person I loved it

    Image #1 from Deandre Columbus
  8. Marshal Tan (Verified Customer)

    No regrets what so ever. Great price, great quality i would definetly buy it again for any of my cars.

  9. Mia (Verified Customer)

    They were easy to put on and a great mod to your vehicle!

    Image #1 from Mia
  10. Anthony Ramos (Verified Customer)

    Amazing product fast shipping easy installation, would definitely recommend

    Image #1 from Anthony Ramos
  11. Cye Aguilar (Verified Customer)

    Perfect product. I’ve stepped on, hit and scraped them so many times and nothing has came off. Have them on my 08 G37 coupe and look super good.

    Image #1 from Cye Aguilar
    Image #2 from Cye Aguilar
  12. Stephen Jenkins (Verified Customer)

    I love them adds a excellent look to the car and installs easy

    Video #1 from Stephen Jenkins
  13. Nolan Waddill (Verified Customer)

    The big winglet side splitters look amazing, super happy with the result!

    Image #1 from Nolan Waddill
    Image #2 from Nolan Waddill
  14. Lakeith L. (Verified Customer)

    All good

  15. Alonso (Verified Customer)

    Clean asf

    Image #1 from Alonso
  16. Tyler (Verified Customer)

    Very satisfied with the guys at EzSplitters.

  17. JOHN G. (Verified Customer)

    Fantastic quality product and fit exactly as advertised

  18. Brook Miller (Verified Customer)

    Exactly what I expected, customer service is very good as well

    Image #1 from Brook Miller
  19. Edwin G. (Verified Customer)

    Great Fitment. Fast Shipping! A++

  20. Elizabeth M. (Verified Customer)

    These side skirts were easy to install and definitely gave my car a better look.

    Image #1 from Elizabeth M.
  21. Migel M. (Verified Customer)

    Good packaging and good quality!

  22. Juan Lopez (Verified Customer)

    Mines came cracked , is the second time I buy with them and they take forever in the shipping and making process

    • ezsplitters (store manager)

      Hello, you placed the order November 19th, and we shipped your order November 29th. You waited 1 week and 3 days before we shipped your order. All orders placed during our Black Friday sale had a wait time of 3 to 5 weeks due to the amount of orders we received (over 150 orders). However, we managed to ship your order in 1 week and 3 days. We personally think this is not a long time. Especially since all orders are made specifically to each customer car.

      In regards to your splitter arriving cracked, you should had emailed us and informed us. All splitters are insured when we ship them. We would had been able to help you out. Since you didn’t email us and informed us, there’s no way of us knowing that the splitter had arrived damaged.

  23. Robert (Verified Customer)

    The customer service was excellent and helpful. I’m very happy with the quality.

    Image #1 from Robert
  24. Jhancarlos Lopez (Verified Customer)

    The side splitters looked crazy good and especially packaging was crazy known it’s easy to bend and get ruin it was safe and perfect once it left the warehouse.

  25. Jack Schiller (Verified Customer)

    The best side skirts I have ever had I love the look and very reliable side skirt and company.

    Image #1 from Jack Schiller
  26. Mena G. (Verified Customer)

    It’s a nice lip but my only dislike was the wing in the end was easy to break

  27. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Love the front splitters it fits perfect ! Can’t wait to put my side splitters!

  28. Adrian Vergara (Verified Customer)

    Perfect fitment well designed

    Image #1 from Adrian Vergara
  29. kevin jimenez (Verified Customer)

    Fits perfect on my g35

    Image #1 from kevin jimenez
    Image #2 from kevin jimenez
  30. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Very sturdy

  31. Jesus Gonzalez (Verified Customer)

    The fitment is perfect and quality as well

    Image #1 from Jesus Gonzalez
  32. Eder G. (Verified Customer)

    Perfect fit

  33. Desmari (Verified Customer)

    Love how it turned out my dad was so happy with his Christmas gift

    Image #1 from Desmari
  34. Benjamin I. (Verified Customer)

    Splitters came in about 3 weeks to my custom specification. Does not come with hardware so make sure you order self-tapping screws and double sided tape before hand. 6 months in they’re still on the car and have been kicked a few times but they’re flexible enough to take it. I would recommend these splitters, definitely better than the 3 piece ebay universal splitters.

    Image #1 from Benjamin I.
  35. Maria B. (Verified Customer)

    Not only I’m I in love with the straight side splitter but as well as the carbon fiber mirror caps and the front splitter! No regrets

    Image #1 from Maria B.
  36. Roberto Albor (Verified Customer)

    Really great Quality product and Super durable.

    Image #1 from Roberto Albor
    Image #2 from Roberto Albor
    Image #3 from Roberto Albor
  37. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Amazing work from you guys I appreciate it so much

  38. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    I fuck with it heavy

  39. Bryan Islas (Verified Customer)

    Great and EZ to install, no wonder they’re called EZsplitters

    Image #1 from Bryan Islas
  40. Javier Rosales (Verified Customer)

    Love the side splitter, just a great aggressive look.

  41. Ethan (Verified Customer)

    I purchased the ezsplitter side skirts for my g37 sedan and I am really impressed with quality of product and looks! I would definitely consider purchasing again.

  42. Nicholas Martinez (Verified Customer)

    You guys are amazing the quality and customer service is amazing keep it up guys I will definitely be coming back to shop more with you guys hands down

  43. Danny Quinteros (Verified Customer)

    Very good !!

  44. Simranpreet Kaur (Verified Customer)

    Ezsplitter is the best. They got the best stuff and fits perfect hands down would recommend this to anyone.

    Image #1 from Simranpreet Kaur
  45. Salvador G. (Verified Customer)

    Love my side splitters made my corolla a little bit more aggressive !!

    Image #1 from Salvador G.
  46. Luis Rodriguez (Verified Customer)

    Love this product great quality and great customer service, very responsive and was answered all my questions. I refer all my friends and followers from Instagram as well LRODMAX20.

  47. Anonymous (Verified Customer)


    • ezsplitters (store manager)

      Thanks for the detailed review Josh. If you considered this splitter “cheap”, you should had contacted us right away when you received your splitter on May 2020. This is the 1st time we hear from you since you purchased the splitter.

      None the less, we take all feedback into consideration. Thank you!

  48. Cesar Avila (Verified Customer)

    They been through every kind of weather and still standing.

  49. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Great quality and changed the whole look of the car. I highly recommend it!

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  50. Yovanny Socorro (Verified Customer)

    good product

    Image #1 from Yovanny Socorro
  51. Carlos Nunez (Verified Customer)

    Great product holds up well

  52. Christian R. (Verified Customer)

    very good

    Image #1 from Christian R.
    Image #2 from Christian R.
    Image #3 from Christian R.
  53. John D. (Verified Customer)

    Ordering process can be better. From time ordered to shipping and delivery was to long

    • ezsplitters (store manager)

      Hey John, your order was shipped in 12 days.We personally don’t think that waiting 12 days for a splitter made specifically for your car is too long.

      We assume that you didn’t look at the production and shipping time when you placed the order. During that time, it was anywhere between 3 to 4 weeks due to the amount of order we had which was caused because of Christmas.

      We managed to ship your order before the timeframe that we gave at that time. With that being said, we apologize that it wasn’t any faster. However, we do disagree with you stating that “shipping and delivery was to long”.


  54. Tony Redden (Verified Customer)

    Product is just as advertised, I have no issues with it.. IG name is Pantydropper_g

    Video #1 from Tony Redden
  55. Tim Thomas (Verified Customer)

    Perfect fit, awesome service, great product!!

  56. Israel Ambriz (Verified Customer)

    One of my favorite purchases from this website, gotten the straight splitters, about to purchase another set for a clean look Thank you EZ IG: Slow.g37_izzy

    Image #1 from Israel Ambriz
  57. Cameron (Verified Customer)

    Looks great, durable, easy to install, and good price. What more is there to ask for?

    Image #1 from Cameron
    Image #2 from Cameron
  58. Oscar F. (Verified Customer)

    Very good quality!

  59. Arissa (Verified Customer)

    love them 🙂

    Image #1 from Arissa
    Image #2 from Arissa
  60. Javier G. (Verified Customer)

    Fitment was perfect and made the car pop even more!!!! Love it, thank you

  61. Yuto Wada (Verified Customer)

    Nice fitment

  62. Zabdi Sosa (Verified Customer)

    Really nice side splitters love them and really easy to install

  63. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Love it gave my car that extra pop.

  64. Ramon Eusebio (Verified Customer)

    The best

  65. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Best in the game

  66. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Highly recommend! Great quality and looks amazing. Well worth the money.

  67. Thialand Pierson (Verified Customer)

    It’s fabulous. I order my lexus paint match to make it stand out as wel you guys are

  68. Socorro A. (Verified Customer)

  69. Michael B. (Verified Customer)

    Although very well made part, especially for the price, the shipping takes forever. Took me over a month just to get a side splitter for my infiniti.

    • ezsplitters (store manager)

      Hello, Michael thank you for the feedback. We’re glad that you liked our splitters and that they met your expectations.

      When you placed the order, the current production and shipping time was 3 to 4 weeks. This was stated in our shipping policy. Your order was shipped within the timeframe we gave. We try our best to ship all orders before the timeframe we give. However, there are times when it takes us the full timeframe due to the amount of orders that we have.

  70. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Best customer service and respond to emails within hours, can’t go wrong with EzSplitters

  71. Brenden H. (Verified Customer)

    i have been wanting a pair of the 4” winglet side splitters for the longest time and i was so happy when i saw the package outside my doorstep, i was so excited that i immediately went to canadian tire to get some self tap in screws and as soon as i got home i installed the splitters on my car right away. the quality of these splitters are 11/10 and the length was on point. thank you once again ezsplitters and i will continue to support the company and will purchase more products from you guys in the near future! cheers!

    Image #1 from Brenden H.
    Image #2 from Brenden H.
    Image #3 from Brenden H.
    Video #1 from Brenden H.
  72. Ahsan Javed (Verified Customer)

    Amazing product. 10/10 fitment

  73. Teyvon Scott (Verified Customer)

    I loved my last pair! Just about to buy another set for my new car!

  74. Lexi S. (Verified Customer)

    Super good quality, they fit perfectly.

  75. Javed A. (Verified Customer)

    Amazing quality. Perfect fit. Packed perfectly no damages for such a big item. Turn around time was spot on to. One thing I wish they made a front bumper splitter to match

  76. Ernesto Patino (Verified Customer)


    Image #1 from Ernesto Patino
    Image #2 from Ernesto Patino
    Image #3 from Ernesto Patino
  77. Melanie R. (Verified Customer)

    Exact fit

  78. Mario A. (Verified Customer)

    Nice quality and costumer service really comprehensive and nice, would buy more products in the future

  79. Eric Rodriguez (Verified Customer)

    Went on perfect and my g35 looks so good

  80. Dorian Murillo (Verified Customer)

    Awesome side splitters, makes my car look amazing

    Image #1 from Dorian Murillo
    Image #2 from Dorian Murillo
    Image #3 from Dorian Murillo
  81. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Side spiltters on point

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  82. Winston Jackson (Verified Customer)

    Love them. They fit as described as well, I took a picture and tagged you guys in it Halloween. @internationalgallis

    Image #1 from Winston Jackson
  83. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    I purchased the side splitters for a G35 Coupe and they are perfect. The sizing was cut really well and the fitment was as if it were an OEM part. The width is perfect for your personal preference of how outward you want to keep the splitter. If you are hesitant, trust me you will be happy after the purchase. I am so glad that I’m ready to purchase the front splitter now!!

  84. Adrian Dominguez (Verified Customer)

    Great material and amazing looks

  85. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Clean product , easy install

  86. Vicente Medina (Verified Customer)

    I like it a lot

  87. Jose Rodriguez (Verified Customer)

    Very good quality and great price!! Very happy customer

    Image #1 from Jose Rodriguez
    Image #2 from Jose Rodriguez
    Image #3 from Jose Rodriguez
    Image #4 from Jose Rodriguez
    Image #5 from Jose Rodriguez
  88. LeRoyce R. (Verified Customer)

    I am VERY pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of the products I’ve purchased. My car is in storage and I can’t wait to install this spring. I definitely will be shopping with EZSPLITTERS AGAIN!

    Image #1 from LeRoyce R.
    Image #2 from LeRoyce R.
  89. Alexander (Verified Customer)

    These skirts are fantastic, especially if you take your time to install them. Sturdy and durable!

    Image #1 from Alexander
  90. Lemaja Glenn (Verified Customer)

    Dope ‍

  91. Juan Paz (Verified Customer)

    Really love the way they came out

  92. Brittany Warwick (Verified Customer)

    Excellent quality, perfect length, lots of attention to detail, unfortunately not going to install until the snow is all melted in my area but idefinitely recommend!! Also just ordered the rear window louver for my g35 coupe I can’t wait for it to come in, fast shipping to Canada only took about a week and half !!! Hopefully everyone enjoys as much as I do!!! A big thank-you to EZsplitters!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Image #1 from Brittany Warwick
    Image #2 from Brittany Warwick
    Image #3 from Brittany Warwick
  93. Tyler (Verified Customer)

    I love these side splitters if you’re thinking about it do it, you won’t regret it. Easy installation and if you measure your custom length right it’ll come out right!

    Image #1 from Tyler
    Image #2 from Tyler
  94. Alejandro Vega (Verified Customer)

    They are amazing, they look really good on my G35

    Image #1 from Alejandro Vega
  95. Eric (Verified Customer)

    Love my side splitters only thing I wish was I would’ve gotten a bigger winglet

  96. Harvey (Verified Customer)

    Great quality, easy fitment and took 20 mins to install both no complaints. Front splitter was brand new from private seller.

  97. Stefan (Verified Customer)

    Best splitter I have Ever purchased highly recommend!

  98. Nick (Verified Customer)

    Very good quality & material!! Top notch

  99. Anonymous (Verified Customer)


  100. Julie (Verified Customer)

    I really like the sleek look it gives to my g37.

    Image #1 from Julie
    Image #2 from Julie
  101. Alexis G. (Verified Customer)

    Good shipping, great quality, good pricing!

    Video #1 from Alexis G.
  102. Zachary I. (Verified Customer)

    Been in search of some side splitters for my car, makes the car look so much better !

    Image #1 from Zachary I.
    Image #2 from Zachary I.
  103. Slice (Verified Customer)

    Love the new style. Great quality!! Thank you ! ig: @Caspurrr___

    Image #1 from Slice
  104. Donaven (Verified Customer)

    Great quality, fast shipping, easy install

    Video #1 from Donaven
  105. Jose P. (Verified Customer)

    These new side splitters change the way my car looks, easy install, highly recommend them!!!

    Image #1 from Jose P.
    Image #2 from Jose P.
  106. dylan (Verified Customer)

    Splitters were super easy to install, look amazing on my car. Stoked I ordered them

    Image #1 from dylan
    Video #1 from dylan
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